Amazon Makes His Revolution: Fire OS 4, Kindle E-readers and Tablets Fire HD / HDX

Amazon has announced many new features, including multiple product lines . First his house Fire OS to version 4 (based on Android 4.4) , while new Kindle e-readers and tablets Fire HD and HDX are unveiled . They all arrive in the month of October.

The last big update Amazon’s Fire OS, an operating system based on Android, date of the end of last year and was stamped 3.1. The online giant has unveiled a revamped 4, known under the code name Sangria. It is based on Android 4.4 (aka KitKat), the latest version.

Fire OS 4: based on Android 4.4 with unlimited storage for your photos

As is fashionable at the moment, Amazon says Fire OS 4 offers a better integration of existing applications , including Firefly revealed with fire phone , but it is also designed for the online storage. So you will have access to “unlimited” space for photos taken from the Amazon terminals. As for features, we find Amazon ASAP ( Advanced Streaming and Prediction) which is already present in the Fire TV for example and proposes to “guess movies and TV shows you want to watch .” There is also a system of saving energy with Smart Suspend . But one of the most interesting features is certainly Family Library that allows you to share your apps, games , books, etc. with members of your family , which is reminiscent of one of the new iOS 8. Fire OS 4 will be directly delivered with the new tablets Fire HD/HDX that we will discuss just after, but an OTA update will also be offered to owners of a third generation Fire, while it will be the beginning of next year to make it the Fire Phone Tower.

Fire OS 4

Fire HD 6 and 7 inch tablets from 99 and 139 dollars

But that is not all because of new tablets are also announced today: the Fire 6 and 7 inch HD, as well as a HDX 8.9-inch Fire. The first two are relatively close to one another, with a screen of 6 and 7 inches respectively, for a definition of 1280 x 800 pixels in both cases. On the side of processor, one passes to a chip with four cores at 1.5 GHz that Amazon provides as two times faster than previous Fire HD. There is obviously the Wi – Fi, as well as two optical sensors of 2 megapixel rear and 0.3 Mpixel at the front, steps what whip a cat so. Several colors will be offered (white, blue, red and green) and side tariff, need effective respectively 99 and 139 euros for the 8 GB versions with ‘special offers’ (ads), against 114-154 Dollars without. The availability of the Atlantic is scheduled for October 2 and Fire OS 4 will obviously be in the game.


New Fire HDX 8.9 inch tablet with Snapdragon 805

Amazon also took the opportunity to unveil a new version of its Kindle HDX of 8.9 inches with a Snapdragon 805 instead of the 800 of the tablet version 2013. Four hearts are always the part, but it is this time of Krait 450 to 2.5 GHz, against Krait 400 2.2 GHz earlier. The GPU is also changing and passes the Adreno 330 to 420.The audio portion is also improved because skips to the Atmos Dolby, while Wi – Fi is now in 802.11ac.

For the rest, no particular change: the definition of the screen is still of 2560 x 1600 pixels, as both sensors (720 p facade and 8 megapixel on the rear. Side tariff, it is question of 379 euros in a 16 GB version with ‘special offers’, against 394 euros without. The 4G version is from 529 euros with 32 GB of storage and ‘specia offers. ‘against 394 euros without. The 4G version is from 529 euros with 32 GB of storage and ‘special offers’, 544 euros without. Obviously, Fire OS 4 is there still present, but it will take this time wait on 21 October.

Fire HD Kids Edition: tablet broken? Amazon change it “without question.”

Amazon is also interested in children with two Fire HD Kids Edition of 6 and 7 inches, which will be available in October for 149 and 189 euros respectively. Few technical characteristics are known precisely. We know that the screen is ‘HD (720 p, 1080 p, other?) and that the processor includes four hearts.

But Amazon puts forward other services. Indeed, the two-year warranty covers all seemingly small accidents of life ” if they break , we will replace it . No questions asked . ” An interesting service, but it will judge on site once launched . One year subscription to Amazon FreeTime Unlimited is included, which allows you to enjoy no less than 5000 content ( books, movies , TV shows, applications, etc.) , all designed for children. Beyond price is however unclear.

Kindle Fire Kids

Kindle Travel: an e-book reader with buttons to change pages

The e-book readers are not forgotten with two new Kindle. Start immediately with the travel version. It has a 6-inch 300 dpi screen, against 212 for the PaperWhite. The screen brightness automatically adjusts the ambient light and the screen is announced as being 39% brighter.Her measurements are 162 x 115 x 7.6 mm and weighs 180 grams (188 for the 3G version ) .

The e-book reader Travel has a new device to turn the pages: PagePress. It sensors placed under the hull and, with a single touch, you go to the next or previous page.

A haptic feedback is present to alert you that the order has been taken into account. Be aware that the pressure level is adjustable. Side tariff, will take $ 199 from October still.

Amazon finally took the opportunity to launch a new Kindle Touch 6-inch (167 PPI) with 4 GB of storage, from 59 euros only with ‘special offers’ and 79 euros without, starting October 2. Here is a comparison chart of Amazon with its range e-book readers :

amazon Kindle

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