Best Ebook Reader For Android


The 8 best applications For reading on your Android Tablet

Read on Their Android tablet, it has become a reflex for many users of mobile devices. However, many are unaware that the applications available on the Google Play Store used to indulge his passion for reading in optimal conditions … these are the best applications for reading on their Android tablet.


Read on Their Android tablet, it is a habit for many users of mobile devices. Our selection of Five best apps for reading on Their Android tablet will direct you to the most capable solutions to meet your requirements thirsty ebook reader. Whether shops to find the latest releases and send them on your devices or readers capable to guarantee optimal viewing comfort , no doubt you will find your account in this selection of the best applications for reading on their Android tablet.   

.Image result for kindle app

The digital library is called Amazon Kindle, More than a million titles available ! Launched by Amazon , the Kindle app is certainly the most supplied and diverse market . Free extracts are obviously consulted . It is possible, also , to have access to more than 100 newspapers or magazines. Kindle is , perhaps , the application that will make you change your mind about playing on smartphone or tablet . Of course, the functionality to pull up the reading comfort await you . Adjust text size , choose the background color, change the page orientation , function to search a name or term in particular in the heart of a work … Kindle is a very competitive application, by their offer , which will delight fans of ebooks .

Image result for universal book readerUniversal Book Reader : design ebook reader .

Universal Book Reader is an interesting alternative to Aldiko . The choice of this digital book reader will be primarily on design.
Among the many readers of ebooks ( digital books or if you prefer) , Universal Book Reader pulls out of the game with a pleasing aesthetic , while Material Design. The interface is similar to Aldiko , functions also . The choice between the two is mostly a matter of taste .

Image result for MANTANO EBOOK READER LITEThe application of the day: Mantano Ebook Reader Lite

Every day at 8 am a new Android application! Today … Mantano Ebook Reader Lite to comfortably read your eBooks. Compatible with EPUB or PDF formats , the digital book reader Mantano Ebook Reader Lite allows you to annotate them. You also have the option to share your notes. Usable from a smartphone or tablet , ebook reader that ensures a optimal viewing comfort. Note the presence of a night mode , which will tire you less eyes when dévorerez digital books before going to bed.


Image result for EPUBATORThe application of the day: ePUBator

Every day at 8 am a new Android application! Today … ePUBator to easily convert your PDF files to ePub to read them directly on your mobile device.
Most readers are optimized to read ePubs , not likely , some of your ebooks are in PDF … Fortunately there ePUBator . This application just allows you to convert PDF to ePub , and without frills. Warning , this only works with text PDF , do not expect to convert a comic or magazine , for example.

Image result for Moon+ReaderMoon + Reader : Digital Library

Moon + Reader is an eBook reader that is full of surprises .
Moon + Reader force is to propose a comprehensive digital library that will allow everyone to find his account . The genres are very diverse , many books are available free of charge through the catalogs you can add it manually. Of course, it is primarily of royalty free books .
You also have the ability to import your own ebooks in ePub recorded ( the most common format). Those stored on the internal memory of your Android device. Moon + Reader will scan it to identify ebooks.
Note that the application in their free version, does not read PDF files .

Image result for IDEAL GROUP READERThe application of the day: IDEAL Group Reader

Every day at 8 am a new Android application! Today … IDEAL Group Reader to your smartphone you read them aloud ebooks.
IDEAL Group Reader is an application that can read your ebooks aloud . Convenient for those who have difficulty with reading or people who want to discover a foreign language. The recorded voices are perhaps not the most fluid , but remain fully intelligible . IDEAL has many other accessibility options such as cream background and font for dyslexic or referral to an online dictionary to find definitions .

Image result for STORIESALIVEThe application of the day: StoriesAlive

Every day at 8 am a new Android application! Today … StoriesAlive to read to your children and interact with the story they discover.
StoriesAlive is the best interactive reading app for kids. Unfortunately, all his titles ( often free ) are in English.

Image result for EBOOK OPTIMIZERThe application of the day: eBook Optimizer

Every day at 8 am a new Android application! Today … eBook Optimizer to save space by encoding in less greedy formats your ebooks .
An ebook , it never weigh very heavily . 100 ebooks ? That’s another story. Ebook Optimizer then allow big players to optimize the encoding of their ebooks to free up space on the SD card. Ebooks in EPUB out in 5 to 20 % lighter .