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Amazon always seems to be a leader with its Kindle which sells very well generation after generation(kindle generations). Moreover, this year 2017 is a little special because it is the anniversary of the 10 years of the first Kindle.

where to buy kindle: There are currently four models of kindle versions at or on But, attention, as I indicated in the purchasing guide, the range will soon be renewed and we should see arrive new ereaders for the fall.

which kindle should I buyIt should be noted a small special feature on the Kindle Models: If you buy the cheapest version of each model, Amazon displays an advertisement for an accessory or a book when the ebook reader is on standby. I do not find this inconvenient, but this may irritate or surprise those who do not know these ereaders with displays of “special offers”.

These readers also exist in the 3G version, are more expensive, and allow downloading books very quickly, wherever it is, provided that a telephone network is available. This is an interesting solution for frequent travelers.


Kindle basic and accessible (starting 69,99$), it is an ereader of 6 inches with a touch screen (but not of lighting).

As usual, the finishing is excellent at Amazon and, even if it is an ebook reader “economical”, it is before all of a true device that we can take it everywhere with you.

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Kindle Paperwhite

The ebook reader Kindle Paperwhite is without a doubt the kindle ebook reader interested in this selection.

Unlike the basic Kindle, it is first of all a ereader that allows you to read when the brightness is low or even in complete darkness.

There is also a screen 6-inch touchscreen with a very beautiful pixel density of 300 dpi (this will also be the case for the next Kindle e-ereader).

With its price of 119,99$ (sometimes less if it is subscriber premium), It is a good kindle ebook reader, complete and functional.

kindle prices: Click below the images for more detailed product information & kindle reviews


Kindle Voyage

We now go back to the Kindle voyage review, the ereader more difficult to pin down. Indeed, the Kindle Voyage is an improved Paperwhite species.

Thus, it has been thought for frequent travelers with great autonomy and physical controls (to turn the pages) in addition to the touch screen.

In addition, there is also better lighting. Still, at 199.99 $ for a 6-inch reader, it starts to make a little expensive …

Finally, unlike the previous kindle ebook reader, Voyage is available only in black color.

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Kindle Oasis


We go into the luxury kindle e-reader: Kindle Oasis which will not be for everyone.

First of all, we must emphasize the thing that is angry. The price is 289.99 $. This seems to me excessive for a reader with a 6-inch screen, although this one has ideal characteristics for reading …

This Oasis has a 6-inch illuminated and tactile screen (always 300 dpi) and a slightly special cover / protective cover.

Indeed, the cover brings an additional battery that comes to increase the autonomy of the ebook reader.

The Kindle Oasis Reader features physical buttons that allow you to hold the ereader with one hand and turn the pages (forward or backward). Due to its design, it is also a very light reader thought for big readers.

kindle prices:Click below the images for more detailed product information & kindle reviews

Conclusion: Paperwhite otherwise nothing

I have always had a clear opinion of Amazon readers. I think the two cheapest models are the best.

Indeed, the Kindle Voyage and Oasis are too expensive for their services. The competition from Kobo or Bookeen does better for less, for example.

I generally advise Kindle Paperwhite as the amazon kindle first to those who want to buy a Kindle digital ereader. With this model, we have access to all the modern functionalities (tactile and lighting) while remaining within a very correct price range.

It will be noted that it is often possible to have discounts on the purchase of the kindle readers if one has a subscription to Amazon Prime.


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