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KOSMOS-2: Microsoft’s New AI Breakthrough Generating Text, Images, Video & Sound in Real-Time!

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Microsoft’s new AI, KOSMOS-2, is a breakthrough in the field of artificial intelligence. It not only improves how we interact with AI but also takes multimodal AI technology to a new level.

This AI can understand and chat about images like we do, creating a more intuitive and interactive experience.


What is Multimodal AI?

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Multimodal AI is a type of artificial intelligence that merges different kinds of data like text, images, videos, and sounds. Its aim is to build AI systems that can understand and create content from various sources, much like humans do. In the past, AI systems could only manage one type of data at a time.

However, with the creation of multimodal large language models (MLMs), they can work with multiple types of data at once and generate mixed content.

The Evolution from Cosmos 1 to Cosmos 2

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Microsoft unveiled Cosmos 1 last year, a groundbreaking multimodal language model trained on large-scale web data containing text, images, and their combinations.

It excelled at tasks like writing stories from images, creating image captions, and answering questions about images. However, Cosmos 1 had its limitations, particularly in understanding and connecting visual information to illustrate.

Cosmos 2, the latest version of Microsoft’s MLM, introduces a feature called grounding. This feature allows Cosmos 2 to interact with images more accurately and meaningfully using words or coordinates to refer to specific parts of an image.

This makes Cosmos 2 more dynamic and precise than other machine learning language models (MLLMs), enabling more human-like interaction.

How Does Cosmos 2 Achieve Grounding?

Cosmos 2 imagines a picture as a checkerboard, breaking it up into squares. Each square gets a special tag, and these tags are then added to the picture’s description at the right spot.

This way, Cosmos 2 makes it easier to match words with parts of a picture, helping people and computers understand each other better.

Cosmos 2’s Abilities and Performance

Cosmos 2 excels in tasks such as identifying phrases and images and processing language. It consistently outperforms other models.

For example, in locating phrases and images, it achieves 91.3% accuracy compared to the best other model scores of 78.4% and 86.7%.

Practical Applications of Cosmos 2

Cosmos 2 has countless uses and benefits tailored to your needs. It can generate detailed captions for images, answer questions about specific regions, and perform logical or mathematical operations based on specific regions in an image.

This AI has the potential to assist people with visual impairments, help students learn new concepts, and enable content creators to craft more immersive stories.

Cosmos 2 Online Demo on GitHub

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Microsoft has released an online demo of Cosmos 2 on GitHub where you can interact with the model and test its capabilities.

You can upload your own images or use the provided ones, and you can ask questions or give instructions to the model using text or voice. The demo is very easy to use and very fun to play with.

You can explore different scenarios and tasks and see how Cosmos 2 responds to them.

In conclusion, Cosmos 2 is a significant advancement in the field of AI. Its ability to understand and interact with images in a meaningful way has the potential to revolutionize how we use AI in our daily lives

You can try out the capabilities of KOSMOS-2 for yourself at this link.

See how this model can change the way you interact with AI.

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