Remarkable Reader: an Update That Does Not Solve Everything

The Remarkable reader has already sold more than 35,000 copies. Yet, despite a recent update, she remains behind in reading ebooks.

I had previously pointed out issues with stylus management and reading ebooks and PDFs in the presentation of the Remarkable Paper when it was released(Check Here)

Even if a software update (firmware) has just been deployed, it does not seem that it improves significantly in terms of reading.

On the other hand, more technical improvements and bug fixes make things a little easier:

  • “Light sleep”: a system standby of the reading lamp after 20 minutes
  • new energy management options (standby, automatic shutdown, etc.) to maintain maximum autonomy
  • Wifi improvement
  • improvement in writing with the stylus
  • Improved synchronization of documents with your mobile or tablet
  • better file export

As you can see, there is nothing special about reading and its improvements are welcome, it is essentially corrective and technical.

It may be necessary to wait for the next wave of improvement and the next firmware to see if things improve at this level.

This experience proves that even with fabulous hardware and dazzling technical possibilities, it is necessary for the software part to be level so that the user experience and the utility of the machine are proven.


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