Test of The Kobo Aura Second Edition In Video

The Kobo Aura second edition (or kobo aura edition 2) is the new 6-inch reader that Kobo is releasing for the re-entry. A first video test has just appeared which allows us to learn a little more about Kobo e reader.

The announcement of the Kobo Aura second edition was a bit of a disappointment. Clearly, I expected more from this reader. But even if the data sheet does not seem convincing, nothing replaces the reading experience on the machine to really get an opinion on an ebook reader.

You can find the video below to see the reader in action(kobo ereader review):

It is, therefore, a reader equipped with a screen of a diagonal of 6 inches.Unlike the last e-readers, the number of pixels is lower than the standard. Thus, a resolution of 1024 X 768 pixels is obtained, compared to approximately 1430 × 1080 pixels for the current readers.

Clearly, the screen is technically worse. Fortunately, a new lighting system has been installed to ensure a very homogeneous light over the entire surface of the screen.

Moreover, the reading is quite satisfactory as shown in the picture below:

Kobo Aura second Edition

Although slightly less thin than other screens in the category, pixels are virtually invisible and do not interfere with reading. This is the main.

Storage level we have 4 GB which is in the average. Obviously, more and more expensive reading lights go to 8 GB of storage. But I think 4 GB is still acceptable in 2016.

Wifi is well present which allows you to directly access the online library from the reading light to download extracts and books.

The comfort of reading is, therefore, present with the interface Kobo that we know for several years and all the functions that go well: selection of font, text size, etc.

As is often the case with Kobo (including the Kobo Aura One), PDF reading is not yet fully developed.

The tester puts to note of 7/10 for e reader kobo aura 2 and presents its Pro and Cons.

Pro :

  • Affordable price (
  • Good lighting
  • Well designed


  • PDF reading is bad
  • The resolution of the screen
  • 4 GB of storage is too low and no possibility to add an SD card to increase the space

If the tester indicates that the kobo aura h2o new  is available at an affordable price. I don t totally agree.


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