Top 29 Reasons To Use an e-reader and Read Ebooks

Top 29 Reasons To Use an e-reader and Read Ebooks

We are in 2020 and there are still some readers who are not convinced by the interest of e-readers. So we’re going to see some good reasons to go digital and use a reader and ebooks.

In recent years, ereaders have evolved a lot and offer even more interesting features: very large storage capacity, water resistance, blue light filter, HD screen, lighting, etc.

So, if you are wondering why to buy a reader, here are the reasons that will make you switch to digital reading, e-book reader and ebooks:

  1. The choice of font to read more comfortably
  2. If you are dyslexic, there is a font that can be used to help you: Open Dyslexic
  3. Unlike a paper book, if you don’t like the characters, the line spacing, or the size of the polish, you can change this
  4. We can keep all the books we have read, even the worst, without having to reserve a complete room in our library
  5. You can walk with dozens, see thousands of digital books in your bag. Try to do this with paper books!
  6. We can read a shameful book (Harry Potter when we are forty years old or Fifty Shades of Gray) without the people around us knowing what we are reading
  7. If you want a book, you start the reader, you select the book in the integrated library and a minute later you start reading. It’s great for book series!
  8. Having an ereader and ebooks allows you to make room at home and not clutter the shelves with books that you have already read and that you are not sure to read again one day
  9. You can read by the water or in your bath with a waterproof ereader (or by the pool or at the beach) without being afraid of damaging the book
  10. We are not afraid to damage a book by horning it or “breaking” the binding
  11. You never lose your bookmarks, because the reader keeps them in memory
  12. You can start a book on your eReader, continue it on your computer, and finish it in the mail queue on your smartphone.
  13. We can highlight extracts and passages in a book and find them easily later
  14. Since you can take several books at the same time in its reader, you will no longer encounter the case where you finish a book during a long train trip by plane and you have nothing to read (what sadness when it happens)
  15. The built-in dictionary allows you to find the definition of a word very quickly
  16. Reading ebooks makes learning foreign languages ​​easier with quick access to definitions
  17. You can easily download books in foreign languages ​​on your eReader
  18. You can read your PDF working documents without having to print them, so it’s good for the planet
  19. If you find an Internet link in a book and your e-reader is connected to Wi-Fi, you can directly consult the page without having to find a computer or open your smartphone
  20. If you lose your reader you will not lose your book and you can download it again. But to be quiet, it is better to make backups regularly.
  21. EBooks are cheaper
  22. Ereaders saves money if you’re a heavy reader – not to mention savings on furniture
  23. Reading comfort is excellent
  24. You can read in the dark with the built-in lighting
  25. You can read in bed without disturbing your partner using the same light
  26. A reader is less bulky than a book and can be easily stored in a bag
  27. So you can easily carry books even those that do not already exist in pocket format when they are released
  28. We only charge the reader once a month (unlike a tablet or smartphone)
  29. You can download extracts from books before buying them while sitting comfortably at home


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