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 Ebook reader Guide: What s an Ebook reader?

 This guide for the ebook reader is intended primarily for beginners in digital reading but may be suitable for any person wishing to find relevant information that has been published on this site quickly. This guide, therefore, aims to address most of the questions that you can ask yourself in digital reading. If it is not exhaustive, it should, however, enable you to find answers to your questions. Similarly, this page is updated as often as possible to offer you the information the fresher possible.

 What digital reading?

Digital reading is the act of reading a text (or comic) on different hardware paper. So you can read on a computer, smartphone, tablet, or – apparently – an ebook reader. But to read digital books, you have that you have these books in a format that can be read by a machine. Digital books (also known as ebooks ) can be downloaded from websites or directly from an ebook reader or tablet.

 What is an ebook reader?

There are specially designed devices to read digital books. Called “readers of ebooks”.These devices are designed with the latest in display technology that mimics paper.

Often we talk about this particular technology known as ” electronic ink ” or ” e-ink “. This type of screen is used to read comfortably unlike a computer screen or touchpad.

Ebooks readers may have touch screens, enlightened and colors. Unfortunately, the colors are still few players on the market ( in 2014 ), and it will take some years before this technology really is developed.

With a battery life of several weeks, readers of ebooks and reading devices are preferred if you wish to make digital reading seriously.

How does a book reader work?

In practice, an ebook reader usually displays only one page of the text document at a time. But, some prototype has shown the ability to view two pages simultaneously.

The reader is a small computer that contains memory that allows it to store the digital files (texts) to be displayed afterward. One can imagine an e-Reader as a laptop, without a keyboard (or almost), whose only task would be to display documents on the integrated display.

Readers sometimes use a screen comparable to that of TVs or laptops with a backlight that allows reading in complete darkness. The technology used is LCD or LED.

However, most readers are now using screen technology using a technology called “electronic ink” that allows text and images displayed with a rendering identical to a paper print.

Each of these techniques has thier Pro and Cons:

  • LCD, LED (backlit): reads in the dark, tires the eyes, makes the autonomy of the reader very short (8 to 10h in the best cases), allows the display of colors,
  • Electronic ink screen (this is called e-Ink sometimes or eInk): does not allow to read without light, the reader has an autonomy of several weeks, and does not allow to display colors (only black and white).

Readers using a backlit display usually also do more than a simple e-Reader with an e-Ink screen. Moreover, we talk more generally about touch tablets for this group of devices (like the iPad which allows to display of books but also videos and video games).

Absolute purists do not hesitate to exclude tablets considering that they do not constitute sufficient ebook readers.

The size of the screens varies from one reading lamp to another. It usually arrives at a diagonal of 7 inches on average for a good reader.

What to read on an ebook reader?

One can read almost everything on an ebook reader. If the primary use is reading books (novels, dictionaries, etc.), one can also read professional reports or comics.

Readers can store several hundred entire books. A reader like the Kindle can store more than 1000 pounds. What a great library!

It should note that the display of comic books is not yet optimal on the current ebook reader because of the smallness of the screen and the fact that you often have to settle for black and white.

Major national newspapers (Le Monde or Libération, for example) also now offer subscriptions for digital readers. It is, therefore, possible to access his favorite daily newspaper without leaving home!

Where can I find digital books?

There are many online shops that can buy books in digital format. But be careful to read the conditions of use!

Indeed, it is still a little «far west» in regard to these shops. So the Amazon store offers a lot of choices but it will have to have a Kindle (the reader of Amazon) to really enjoy it. We find the same scenario for Fnac moreover …

Basically, before buying your ebook reader, you will have to look at which shops online this one is compatible.

But you can already have digital books in particular formats: PDF, doc, txt, epub, etc. It will then be possible to convert these files via software provided (or not) with your eReader(e-readers). Logically, you will be able to read all your digital files with a minimum of effort.

Transferring your computer to the reader is usually done via a connection cable supplied with your device. If this is not the case, it is possible that your reader has a Wifi network interface to transfer the files.

Digital books are called eBooks. This term comes from English and is the contraction of the deaths “electronic” and “book”, literally “e-book”.

How to download free e-book readers? 

There are many digital books that are free of charge.

You can begin by looking in the categories of Books Kindle free if you have an account on Amazon (link). The same thing exists on the side of the FNAC for books Kobo (link).

If you do not have account Kobo nor Kindle account You can use these Internet sites which propose the free and legal download of the ebook: 

  • Project Gutenberg (link)
  • Archive.org (link)
  • Feedbooks (Link)
    This list is far from complete, many sites exist.

How to read ebooks on the computer?

If you have an account with Kindle You must install the software (Check This Link ).

If you have an account with Kobo You must also install a particular software (Check This Link).

If you use another account and you have files and ebooks on your hard disk, you can use the Software caliber that allows you to manage a library of digital books. See This Video:

If you have an iPhone or iPad and you read the books available on iBooks, you can read his books on your Mac with the software iBooks on the condition of having at least version 10.9 (Mavericks) of Mac OS (see here)

There are several formats of files, how to find there?

It is really very difficult to find effectively. Amazon uses a file format that is not compatible with the other reading lamp.

If you want to be sure not to deceive you, there is the format of ePUB files which is a species of the standard. Now, virtually the entire ereaders and tablets on the market are able to read this format. Check This: Kindle epub

What ebook reader to buy?

That is the whole object of this site 😉 It is still tough to pronounce and to identify the best ebook reader on the market and if u ask yourself this question: which kindle should i buy

It will, therefore, be necessary to read much, and compare the eReaders of different manufacturers but also the online shops associated with each device!

It is, therefore, necessary to refer to this guide to know what is the best ebook reader of the moment.

If you want to buy an ebook reader at the best price and do, simply, a good deal you can also consult our heading of the good plans and promotions of the moment.

In short, we are going to try to enlighten you in the most as possible. Please do not hesitate to ask us questions if we have forgotten information.

Similarly, the Wikipedia page on the ebook readers will be able to advise you and complement this article.

What are the advantages of reading ebooks?

If you are unsure yet of reading on a machine, read this article which gives you good reasons to read on an ereader ebook.

Should it take a tablet or an ebook reader to read ebooks?

This article answers this question.

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