A video Presents The Future of The Color Reader: ClearInk

Clear Ink is a technology that I’ve already told you about but that has just returned to the forefront with a video that shows the characteristics of this color screen for eReader.

Introducing Clear Ink Or e paper display
The E Ink color screen did not really work and this new invention called ClearInk could change things.

Because the screens that use this innovation allow the display of colors and low consumption. But, they can also display videos fluent enough to imagine one day watching a movie or episode of TV series on his ebook reader!

The Clear Ink representative explains the main features of these screens:

  • they consume little energy
  • we can read them in the sun
  • they allow the display of colors
  • you can view videos up to 30 frames per second

All the features are present to equip the ebook readers. However, it seems to be missing something: lighting.

If for the moment it is not certain that the “front-end” lighting technologies of eReaders will be able to adapt simply to this type of screen, there does not seem to be a real technical break.

Bland Colors
However, we can see on the video a device that uses a Clear Ink screen and that displays a video of a cartoon with very bland colors.

This is due to the technology used. Because these screens are actually black and white screens that use a filter system to display colors. These cannot be as bright as on an LCD, LED or OLED.

Is this a problem for ereaders? I do not think so because this type of screen still allows the display of some colors that would be enough for reading magazines.

However, comics enthusiasts could certainly find fault with it …

It seems that the Clear Ink screens will also have a hard time getting a place at the heart of tablets because the colors are not up to what is currently found. The consumer would then see a regression.

Production Facilities for Cheaper eReaders
But, unlike the electronic ink technology E Ink found in ebook readers, ClearInk promises screens simpler to manufacture and therefore cheaper.

This opens the door to an interesting perspective: an ebook reader less expensive than a black and white ereader!

Just this idea could upset the market for the first builder to come up with a functional and convincing model.

And, even if the colors are not superb, it would give a certain advantage to the brand of reader who will take the first step.

A color Reader Starting 2018?

Even if the manufacturer is reassuring and announces a mass marketing for 2018, it is necessary to take this information with tweezers.

Even if the screen is finalized and can come out of the factories next year, there is no indication that light makers will have enough time, money and time to build a quality e-reader and market it in the same year.

Of course, it is also possible that the work has already begun …

ClearInk is, in any case, an interesting technology that deserves attention. And, if it succeeds where the E Ink Color technology “ink technologies” has failed, it could come to revolutionize reading and reading!


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