Launch of The Microsoft EBook Free Store in The USA

The new update of Windows 10 (Creator update) has brought a dematerialized library signed by Microsoft.(windows 10 microsoft press)

This Microsoft eBook Free store does not appear to be available in the US at this time. Later, it should also be accessible in Canada and Europe. One can imagine that negotiating with authors and publishers takes a little more time on these territories.

The first returns seem pretty good. Microsoft has chosen to work with well known great authors. This brings credibility to the platform which is a good thing for its launch.( microsoft free books)

Rates are between $ 9.99 and $ 13.99 depending on the titles.

Obviously (and unfortunately), the books are protected by a DRM. The ebooks seem to be readable only on a Windows machine (Windows 10 of the coup, like a desktop computer, a laptop or a tablet screentouch).

ebook app windows

Microsoft has therefore copied the wrong strategy of Apple which consisted of limiting their ebooks to the products of the mark. We hope that an Android application and iOS will come to upset all this on the side of Microsoft to offer something more coherent and available on more platforms. But, to tell the truth, I do not believe it too much …

Another interesting thing: it is possible to pay by Paypal. This is a good thing for those who do not wish to entrust their credit card to Microsoft or who are already accustomed to going through this service.


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