People Lie About The Books They Read!

A British study shows that people tend to lie about their reading habits. Thus, 41% of adults admit they do not read as much as they say!

This study, conducted by The Reading Agency among 2000 adults in the United Kingdom, shows that when it comes to being seen well, one often tends to say that one reads more than one actually does.

Thus, 41% of people admit they lied about what they read or how many books they read.

On the men’s side, 19% have confessed to lied about what they read to look good in a job interview.

Lies can also appear at gallant meetings, in family or on social networks.

Another amusing piece of information, among young people and teenagers (18-24 years), is a quarter (25%) who has already lied about their Lord of the Rings reading. Many said they had read the books when they had only seen the movies!

Besides the amusing aspect of the thing, it is especially necessary to deduce that reading remains socially a good thing.


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