Test of The Onyx Boox Max Carta in Video

The Onyx reading lamps suffer from a restricted mode of distribution which makes it difficult to get hold of it without going through the Internet. This is why it is sometimes difficult to find tests of these reading lights.

This time, it is the Onyx Boox max Carta reading lamp that is tested in a video in English – unfortunately.

This reader has two important features:

  • Its Android system which allows installing many applications
  • Its large 13.3-inch screen with 2220 x 1650 pixels

Given the type E Ink Carta screen, its price is not given: count between 500 and 700 £ for this reading lamp Onyx Boox Carta. This machine is reserved for the most fortunate geeks and offers features that will convince them. As for the readers of novels, they will have every interest to offer a classic Kobo or Kindle that will be usable immediately.



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