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How Is AI Used in Android App Development?

AI or Artificial Intelligence can be regarded as one of the most intriguing technologies that have been introduced in recent times. One can expect the AI industry to grow to $20 billion within the next couple of years. Consequently, this innovative technology is being adopted by many companies at present.

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Besides adopting AI technology, these companies are likewise trying to use it for the benefit of the folks. In this article, we discuss the role played by AI in Android app development at present.


What Do You Mean by Artificial Intelligence?

It is a fact that AI has lots of similarities to humans when it comes to their working methods. Let us consider one example to make it easier to understand.

Suppose you are frying some bacon in a pan, and you accidentally touch the fan all of a sudden. Your brain is going to recognize that you have touched the hot pan and have got burnt. Therefore, your brain will inform you not to touch the pan once again. AI works similarly. It will allow the apps to learn and also interact just like humans by identifying and repeating patterns. It is as simple as that!

What Difference Does AI Make?

Artificial intelligence helps humans to perform basic tasks without much problem whatsoever. Machines can learn and interact in a similar way to that of humans.

Moreover, humans are susceptible to making mistakes since they are often influenced by emotional challenges. However, applications and machines which are based on artificial intelligence are not influenced by emotions, and therefore, they are prone to make zero errors. For instance, AI applications are going to make flawless decisions since they are not influenced by any particular situation.

Consequently, AI has been accepted by virtually every industry at present. In the following paragraphs, we are going to highlight how artificial intelligence is used in Android app development services right now.

Artificial Intelligence in the Development of Android Apps

Any application can take advantage of AI. Here, we have mentioned some ways in which AI can be implemented in the development of Android apps.

1. Picture Labeling

Perhaps you are aware of the captchas which you have to solve from time to time. By solving these captchas, you are training the AI of Google to identify images. This image labeling feature is used by Android app development firms for addressing lots of objectives. First, it aids in providing interactive labels to specific images. Moreover, it helps to separate images according to different sections and thus makes it simple to label images. This helps to improve UX in the long run.

2. Face Detecting

Face detection is used in various applications right now, and it is a technology that can identify the faces of humans in digital images. One can likewise use this feature to monitor objects or individuals by looking at faces in real-time. This is usually performed for surveillance or monitoring the activities of any person. It is used extensively in Android smartphone cameras for recognizing several appearances within the frame.

Here, we like to mention that Facebook makes use of this feature to good effect. This social networking platform uses its face detection algorithm for identifying the faces in the pictures of the users.

3. Text Identification

By the term “text recognition,” we refer to the method of identifying texts in images plus video formats. Once the text has been detected, artificial intelligence will break down the text into several chunks to figure out its meaning.

AI helps quite a few applications, including Google Translate, to identify text in images effectively. There is a lot of similarity between image recognition and text recognition. It will be possible to recognize text from languages that are Latin-based such as German, French, Spanish, and so forth. In this way, the text recognition feature of AI is quite beneficial for translation applications.

At present, this text recognition feature of AI is often used by app developers as a stand-alone application. Otherwise, it is also possible to combine it with various mobile applications as well. For instance, you will come across lots of gaming applications making use of this particular feature along with various tasks.

4. Detection of Landmarks

AI can identify similar objects in case it has been able to gather lots of information regarding what certain objects appear like. This is done by identifying some specific points within a particular image. Many facial ID applications make use of landmark detection for recognizing faces these days. Moreover, healthcare apps likewise employ this technology for reading radiology images automatically.

5. Computerized Reasoning

Computerized reasoning is concerned with solving problems on the substructure of different algorithms. It is the initial powerful function of artificial intelligence when it comes to Android app development services.

Application developers are required to make use of the system’s logical reasoning for figuring out obstacles such as hypotheses and riddles. Due to this component, applications or frameworks which are empowered by AI exceed expectations in chess and stock exchanging.

One more astounding instance of automated reasoning happens to be Uber. The Android app can figure out the best routes by verifying the existing traffic conditions using automated thinking.

6. Emotion Recognition

Another innovative technology is provided by AI that enables the reading of human emotions from their faces. It is possible to perform emotion recognition by making use of advanced image processing techniques. In this way, human emotions can be captured along with refined speech signals and voice intonation. Many startups are using this innovative technology at present.

7. Chatbots

This particular AI feature is used extensively in the development of business applications. It is feasible for the organizations to communicate with the folks who make inquiries about the business at the time of visiting it.

There is no doubt about the fact that chatbot is amongst the most innovative concepts when it comes to the development of mobile apps. Chatbots can accumulate information, interact with the audience, plus offer customer service as well. They likewise act as the company’s virtual assistant for replying to the queries made by the users. Amongst the well-known firms having virtual assistants, mention may be made of Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, IBM, and so on.

8. Enhancing the Productivity of the App

It will be possible to make use of AI to improve the efficiency of Android apps. AI is used by the G Suite of Google as well as Microsoft Office 365 at present. Examples can be cited of the automated generation of the email responses received by the users.

9. Biometrics

This AI technology can identify, evaluate, and figure out the behaviors of humans. It is capable of identifying the structure, shape, physical aspects, as well as dimensions of the human body. Besides this, biometric technology likewise comprehends gesture control, voice, plus sensory recognition. It is employed primarily in research and marketing.

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