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On this page, you will find all the ereaders tests carried out since the website’s inception.

The tests are classified from the most recent to the oldest. The score reflects the opinion of the tester and goes from 1 to 5. You can consider that 5 is the best reader in its category (value for money) and that from 3 stars it is a good ereader .

In any case, read the entire test and feel free to leave your comment.

The tests will be followed by more general explanations on digital reading, ereaders, etc.


Ereaders Reviews: Top Ebook Readers For Reading and Note Taking

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Bookeen Diva Reader Review

Testing the ereader


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Bookeen Diva HD Ereader Review


Kindle Ereader Review (2019 version)

kindle amazon review 2019


Review of the Touch Lux 4 Ereader


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Bookeen Saga Ereader Review


Kindle Ereader Review (2017 version)


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Kobo Aura HD Ereader Review


Kobo Aura Ereader Review


Guide to digital reading and e-readers for beginners

Many of the articles published on the site, it was time to take stock and centralize the most important information concerning digital reading.

This guide is primarily intended for beginners in digital reading but it may be suitable for anyone wishing to quickly find important information that has been published on this site.

The purpose of this guide is, therefore, to deal with most of the questions you may have about digital reading. If it is not exhaustive, it should nevertheless allow you to find answers to your questions.

Likewise, this page is updated as often as possible in order to provide you with the freshest information possible.

What is digital reading?

Digital reading is the act of reading text (or a comic strip) on material other than paper.

So you can read on a computer, smartphone, tablet or – of course – an e-reader. But to read digital books, you need to have those books in a format that can be read by a machine.

Digital books (also called ebooks) can be downloaded from websites or directly from an  e-reader or tablet.

What is an e-book reader or reader?

There are devices specially designed to read digital books. They are called “ebook readers” or, more often, “e-readers” or “e-book readers”.

These devices are designed with the latest screen technologies that mimic paper. Very often, this particular technology is called “electronic ink” or “e-ink” (English term which means the same thing).

This type of screen allows you to read comfortably, unlike a computer screen, smartphone, or tablet.

Ebook readers can have touch screens, lighting, and – more rarely – color. Unfortunately, there are still few color readers on the market and it will take a few more years before this technology is really developed.

With the autonomy of several weeks, ebook readers and e-readers are the preferred devices if you want to get into digital reading seriously.

What Are the Benefits of Reading Ebooks?

If you still hesitate to read on a machine, read this article which gives you good reasons to read on an e-reader.

Otherwise, you can also save money if you are a heavy book reader as shown in this article.

How to get ebooks?

Ebooks can be obtained directly by purchasing on your e-reader (or tablet) or by creating an account on a website to download the file to your computer.

If you opt for this second case, you will have to transfer the ebook file to your device to read it (or use a computer reading software).

Also, remember to back up your ebooks. There are many solutions to achieve this and it would be a shame if you lost everything if something went wrong. (see here)

How to download free ebooks?

You can, first of all, search the website to find lists of sites where you can download free ebooks.

But, there are many digital books that are free.

You can start by looking in the free Kindle books category if you have an account on Amazon(link). The same thing exists on the FNAC side for Kobo books(link).

If you don’t have a Kobo or Kindle account you can use these websites which offer free and legal ebook downloads(where can I download ebooks for free):

This list is far from complete, many sites exist.

How to read ebooks on the computer?

If you have a Kindle account you must install the software (the procedure is detailed here).

If you have a Kobo account you must also install special software (the procedure is here).

If you use another account and you have ebook files on your hard drive, you can use Caliber software which allows you to manage a library of digital books. (see the presentation here)

If you have an iPad or iPhone and you read the books available on iBooks, you can read their books on your Mac with the iBooks software provided you have at least version 10.9 (Mavericks) of Mac OS (see here).

There are several file formats, how to find your way around?

It is really very difficult to find your way around effectively. Amazon uses a file format that is not compatible with other eReaders.

If you want to be sure you are not mistaken, there is the EPUB file format which is a kind of standard. Now almost all of the e-readers and tablets on the market are capable of reading this format.

How to convert an ebook file to another format?

It is possible to convert from one file format to another with Caliber software (explanations here and there).

How to remove DRM from ebooks?

If you have ebooks protected by DRM (a digital lock), you can read this guide which explains how to use Caliber software to remove this digital lock.

Which Ereader to buy?

I write a permanent guide which is updated every month: ebook ereader buying guide (click here).

You should, therefore, refer to this guide to find out which is the best reader at the moment.

If you want to buy an e-reader at the best price and simply make a good deal, you can also consult our section on tips and promotions of the moment.

But, on this same page, you will also find reviews for Kindle, Kobo, Tea / Pocketbook, Onyx, Nolim, Bookeen, etc

Should I take a tablet or an e-reader to read ebooks?

This article answers this question.

But the rule is that the reader is really made for reading novels. If you want to read mainly comics or magazines with color or PDF format, then a tablet will be more suitable.

How do I find help for my reader?

Finding the right contact is not always easy. I have put in place many tools that will allow you to ask your questions and get help.

First, there is a discussion forum. Users are active and will answer your questions.

Then, if you prefer Facebook, there is a special page on which you can contact me (and don’t hesitate to click on the “Like” button, it’s always a pleasure). But, generally, my answer arrives faster if you write on the forum.

If you use Twitter, you can receive the latest information by subscribing to the @bestsources35 account but don’t ask me too many questions on Twitter, I have a lot of trouble following all the messages!

If you’re looking for help with a particular model of e-reader, start by checking the manufacturer’s website to see if the answer isn’t there.