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Best Ereader: Your Guide Ebook 2018

Every month I compile the best information of the past month, and I deduce which are the best ebook readers to buy.  

Here is the summary of what happened the previous months to know everything about e-readers and electronic reading! By reading this page about ereader reviews, you should be able to buy the best ereader that will suit yours needs and for the best choice.  

What are the best ereaders of the moment?

In order to find out the best ereader tablet, we are showing below a selection of the main existing ebook readers on the market.

It is not an exhaustive selection, but rather a selection of the current and most popular models. and defintely, u can feel more comfortable with to choose what is the best ereader.

Too obsolete models are deliberately set aside. In the following table, you have the models reliable and acclaimed by the press and the public.( I listed below the access to (£) and$).

Ebook Reader Note** / DESCRIPTION Price*

Kindle 2016

Kindle ereader with 6-inch touch screen. Enables access to the entire Kindle library at a lower cost. Check The Kindle Ereader £(Amazon)


Cybook Muse Essential

Cybook Muse

Bookeen French ereader with a 6-inch touchscreen. Although an entry-level reader, it remains a little more expensive than its main competitor.
Check The Ebook Reader


liseuse kobo touch 2    Kobo Touch 2.0

Kobo eReader with 6-inch touch screen. Affordable, this reader competes with the basic Kindle Tactile with a price a bit too expensive for my taste. Check The Ebook Reader £(Amazon)


Cybook Muse FrontlightCybook Muse Light Bookeen eReader with 6 inches illuminated touchscreen. Affordable, this French reader allows you to begin digital reading less than 90 € which is a great deal. Check The Ebook Reader € (Bookeen)
Cybook Muse FrontlightCybook Muse Frontlight Bookeen eReader with 6 inches illuminated touchscreen. Affordable, this French reader allows you to start digital reading less than 100 €. Check The Ebook Reader €€ (Bookeen)
pocketbook-touch-lux-3PocketBook / Tea Touch Lux 3 PocketBook eReader with 6-inch illuminated touchscreen. Affordable, this recent French reader (released in April 2015) offers equivalent services to other readers sometimes more expensive.  Check The Ebook Reader £(Amazon)


pocketbook-aquaPocketBook Aqua An original ereader with touch screen and waterproof. This is the ideal eReader if you want to go on vacation with or read by the pool! Check The Ebook Reader £ (Amazon)


kobo aura 2Kobo Aura 2 (Edition 2) A simple 6-inch ereader with touch screen and lighting. Unfortunately, its screen is a bit below the current standards. Check The Ebook Reader  

£ (Amazon)


kindle-paperwhiteKindle Paperwhite Kindle Reader with a new touchscreen (and lighting) of 6 inches. This is among the best kindle for reading, for those who want to enjoy the Kindle catalog comfortably. Check The Ebook Reader. £ (Amazon)


cybook muse hdCybook Muse HD French Bookeen eReader with a new 6-inch touchscreen (and lighting). It is a good reader that is similar to the competitors of Kindle or Kobo. Check The Ebook Reader. €€ (Bookeen)
kobo-aura-hdKobo Aura HD H2O Kobo waterproof ereader with 6.8-inch touch screen and illuminated. A very good reader with a great screen, a bit expensive but really satisfactory. Check The Ebook Reader £(Amazon)
Cybook OceanCybook Ocean Bookeen Reader with a large 8-inch touchscreen. Very fine, With large screen allows a comfortable reading in all circumstances. Check The Ebook Reader £(Amazon)
kindle-voyageKindle Voyage The new Amazon eReader specially designed for travel with a beautiful screen and a high-end finish (released in June 2015). Check The Ebook Reader £(Amazon)


kindle-paperwhiteKindle Paperwhite 3G Same ereader than the simple PaperWhite but this one has a 3G connection. Finally, the price difference plays its disadvantage, although travelers will appreciate being able to download books from anywhere. Check The Ebook Reader £(Amazon)


pocketbook-ultraPocketBook / Tea Ultra An original ereader with touchscreen and camera! The camera can scan documents using its OCR character recognition system. Check The Ebook Reader £(Amazon)
kindle oasisKobo Aura One An unusual and high-end ebook reader with a 7.8-inch screen, waterproof, tactile and illuminated. Its price may discourage some, but with such a large screen, it is not surprising. If you have problems viewing or want an optimal comfort at home, you can let yourself be tempted without any problem!
Check The Ebook Reader


kindle oasisKindle Oasis An unusual and very high-end ereader but still best tablet for reading. Its price does not attribute for everyone, but its reduced weight and good autonomy destined it to the frequent travelers (the cover is included) Check The Ebook Reader

Check The Kindle Oasis Update 2017




* Price: this is the average price observed at dealers. These prices can move without the site being informed. As the price changes regularly, I have introduced a price code which gives an idea of the price according to the number of “€”. The table is sorted according to the price of the reading lamps. The readers at the head of the table are the least expensive.

** Note: This is the average score of satisfaction found in the press and among users of this model of ereader. If no note is available, there is not enough recoil to note it (this is a new model).

Buy Ebook Reader: What are The Best Ereaders?

Here are the best ebook readers that you should consider if you wish to make a purchase.

This selection presents the best readers of the moment, not necessarily the least expensive or the most popular:

buy ebook reader

Kobo Aura One: Kobo’s large, 7.8-inch, waterproof ereader. This is a novelty 2016 at Kobo and probably one of the best high-end readers of the moment. It is available at (Click Here)  and (Click Here)

buy ebook reader

Kindle PaperWhite (version 2015): among the best kindle readers, considered as a technically advanced reader but a little below the Glo HD and sometimes available at promotions at very good prices. Available on (Click Here) and (Click Here)

buy ebook reader
Cybook Muse Light (released in 2016): it is a small reader that has everything but a great price. So for less than 90 £, you will have a 6-inch touchscreen, 4 GB of storage and lighting. Simple and effective: click here to find out more.

buy ebook reader
Kindle tactile (version 2016): this reader is a new model that has just been available on Amazon. This is a Kindle with a touch screen at a very attractive price (click here to see on . In short, its price is unbeatable! and see also in

Important: Amazon Kindle Readers are technically advanced. Unfortunately to fully enjoy it, buy on Amazon. They are therefore not open to other shops and as ebooks purchased on Amazon are compatible only with Kindle machines.

My advice if you want to buy a Kindle ereader: buy the reader on Amazon, but be careful to buy a large part of your ebooks on online shops that offer editions in EPUB format (standard in the digital book) and without DRM. So if in the future you need to change the ebook reader and you do not take it from Amazon, your ebooks will be compatible with your next reader in condition after using a software like Calibre.

♦♦♦Buy Ereader: Latest releases♦♦♦ 

If you want to have the latest news, here are the readers that will interest you …

buy ebook reader

Cybook Muse Light: an entry-level ereader at a price of £ 89 which features simple but sufficient specifications: 6-inch touchscreen, 4 GB storage and lighting (+ Touchscreen and physical buttons). A good choice to get a digital ebook reader for an inexpensive price. See the full article here.


buy ebook reader

Kobo Aura One is the star of the new year 2016. With its large 7.8-inch screen, waterproof case, touch screen and illuminated, it has everything to please. Only its price is a little high: 229 £.


The Kobo Aura 2 is a bit disappointing but it deserves to offer a slightly cheaper alternative in the family of 6-inch (light + tactile) ebook readers. The problem comes from its screen which is less good than the competition.


The new Kindle was available in the month of July 2016. It is lighter, available in white, and has better capacity. In short, it is a very good ereader of entry-level.( Check Here)

The Kindle Oasis has really talked a lot about it in the recent weeks. We should confess that with its prohibitive tariff – but some qualities anyway – it has something to surprise.

If you want to learn more, you can consult this article (Click Here).



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