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We’re continually searching for extraordinary contributors who eat, rest, and inhale customer gadgets, amusement, and popular culture. We require news, examination, and feeling composed with identity, state of mind, and an exceptional viewpoint.

Before starting to write a new article, we ask you to send a proposal to our editorial team and a short description for approval. We present a summary of the article with Its outline will allow us to make you a better return.

How should I write articles?

-Articles must be related of course to our category: Electronics, Computers, Gadgets, and Technology.        

-Articles must be unique (not available elsewhere on the web).

-The tone must be positive and warm.

-Articles must exceed 500 words.  

-Integrate your photos and videos in high resolution to better share your story.

-Readers prefer structured narratives. Use bullets, short paragraphs, and subtitles.  

-Add links to useful resources when it makes sense. We accept of course to Link to Your Blog, Why Not.    

-Use an attractive, shock, and smash formula. Every reader should take lessons or useful tips.    

-Finish with a brief summary (for the longest articles)

Is this service free? Yes, Please Contact me for more details.

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