How To Read Kindle Ebooks on Computer? (Windows)

How To Read Kindle Ebooks on a Computer? (Windows)

If you have a Kindle ereader, you have probably purchased or downloaded books on Amazon Shop.

These books are automatically synchronized with your map, but if you have a computer, you may wish to access also from your Windows PC and Read Kindle Ebooks on Computer. Reassure you it is possible by downloading the Kindle app on the Amazon website.

Then go to the following website and download the file which you indicated:

Double-click on the file to start the installation and follow the steps to install the software Kindle on your computer.

You will need to know your ID Amazon for you to connect and automatically retrieve the files on your PC.

Then, each time you send a file on your Kindle (or any purchase on the shop paying or free), the digital book will also occur on your computer.

In addition to enabling you to read your books Kindle on your PC the Kindle software allows you to do many other things:

  • The synchronization of the last page view: if you use your Kindle in addition to the software PC, you’ll always know where you are in your book,
  • a dictionary that allows you to search the definitions of words,
  • a research tool in your book Kindle,
  • full customization of the software for the reading (bottom of the screen, brightness, etc.),
  • access to textbooks.      

In short, it is free and therefore it is worth also synchronizing his books on PC.

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