A New Kindle Paperwhite In The Fall of 2017


Amazon will release a new version of its Reader Kindle Paperwhite in the fall of 2017. In addition to some new software, this reader could make more room for comics.

The info comes from Good EReader and the new Kindle Paperwhite will be called “All new Paperwhite”.

This model will have two different memory options: a basic model with 8GB of storage and another wider 32GB model.

Amazon is relying on this new model to push a new option called “virtual panel” that comes to help read comics, but also magazines.

The “virtual panel” takes a box of BD (for example), and the zoom so as to make it more readable on the 6 inch screen of the reader.

With this new feature, plus those inherited from the Kindle Manga, we understand why Amazon offers a 32 GB model: comic book enthusiasts could throw themselves on this machine

No revolution therefore, and an exit before Christmas. This new Paperwhite will also be available with a 3G option. The price should remain the same as today.

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             >  Check the reviews about kindle Paperwhite(Old Version) In




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