Kindle Fire Full Color 7″ Multi-touch Display, Wi-Fi Review

1-The Obvious Points

The Kindle Fire is amazing value for money, costing only $199, which is less than half the price of an Apple Ipad, but does the same things. The Kindle which has been developed by Amazon, offers you true entertainment, with the ability to read books, watch movies and listen to music, also browse the internet and the app store available with Amazon. It is a full color screen unlike their counterparts, which are all monochromatic devices which only display in black and white. Plus the device is wireless and does not require any system requirements and does not need to be plugged into your computer.

2-Ebook reader comparison

The Kindle Fire Vs The Ipad 2 – Which one will win? The Kindle Fire is gaining the upper advantage over the Ipad 2 due to the incredibly low price which is both affordable and good value for money. The Ipad 2 is good yes, but due to the price, it is both a costly piece of equipment, and doesn’t really offer anything more than you can get with the Kindle Fire. The Kindle Fire will triumph due to the amazing book store which is offered by Amazon, plus the ability to play games and video and TV and be able to browse the internet all for an amazing $199.

3-The Multi-touch display

This is not a new thing when it comes to tablets and even phones, it is very useful however, allowing you to manipulate images and webpages with your fingers in order to zoom in or zoom out of the material you are looking at. You may want to zoom in on some text you have found on the internet for example, because you cannot read it as it is very small, a simple drag apart from your fingers will zoom the page in allowing you to view the page in a large format.

The multi-touch display is also extremely useful for playing games with. If you are interested in playing games on the Kindle Fire you can download them at the Kindle store which will allow you to choose from an array of different games from all kinds of genres. If you are a occasional games, you will also find your favourites such as angry birds available for download.

 You can also turn the device in any direction, for example portrait or landscape so that you can view the content you want without restriction of comfort. This is most useful for when you are viewing books, and then want to watch a movie or browse the internet, when you switch function, the Kindle Fire will automatically switch viewing angle, all you have to do is turn the device.

4-Are you a magazine reader?

Well guess what, the Kindle Fire also has the ability to provide you with the latest and most up to date magazines, all available in full rich color and also include added bonus features which you can’t get anywhere in high street stores…Yes, interactive features such as video and audio come present within these digital versions of the the magazines. There are literally hundreds of magazines to choose from which you can read until your hearts content.

5-Movies and TV shows

You know how I mentioned earlier that you could watch movies on the Kindle Fire? Well you can do that, but you can also watch more than just movies, you can also watch TV catchup shows on your Kindle! No need to use the your computer anymore to catch up on the TV you have missed.


Apps are increasingly important to peoples daily lives as they allow you to carry out an array of tasks and provide you with lots of entertainment, for example, do you want to access Facebook on your Kindle Fire? You can. Do you want to view Youtube, or access your own Youtube channel? You can do that too. Also not forgetting important apps such as the weather channel. You can do everything socially on the Kindle Fire, just like you can do on your mobile phone, no need to switch between devices anymore, they’re all in one place. There are many games to choose from, including the most popular ones, Angry Birds, Plants vs Zombies.

Amazon are also doing a special deal, for this edition of the Kindle, they are giving away one paid app for free everyday, so make sure if you are picking up a Kindle Fire to get your free apps, they are priceless.

7-Millions of Books

Just like the other Kindles, the Kindle Fire has millions of books for you to choose from, including bestsellers, children’s books, comic books and cookbooks to choose from. But guess what is best part is? They also have 2 million books for you to download free of charge! Such as Pride and Predjudice.

8-Cloud Storage

Worried about how you are going to store all of those books, videos, magazines, photos and music? Well don’t be. Amazon offer a service called cloud storage which allows you to store all of that content that you don’t want to lose in their online databanks. The Kindle Fire gives you access to this storage which you can use unlimited and for absolutely free! All of your digital content will be stored online, which you can have available instantly to stream or download for free, at a touch of your finger.


Amazon offer a service known as the Amazon MP3 Store, which will allow you to find music tracks that you want and download them to your Kindle Fire or to store them in your cloud storage. You can also download them to listen to your music library offline, so don’t worry about having to be near an internet connection all of the time. There are 17 million MP3′s available on demand to choose from.

10-Extra Durable Display

Do you find that when you put your mobile phone in your pocket with your keys, the screen comes out all scratched and ruined? Well the Kindle Fire also has a solution to that, it has a durable display which has been chemically strengthened to be 20 times stiffer and 30 times harder than plastic. This means that you could drop it (accidentally) and it would be perfectly ok, bumps and scrapes will do nothing to the screen because of the coating, so the scratches won’t appear, allowing you to keep that crystal clear screen without the worry and hassle of storage in a safe place.


Everyone likes to check their mail right? Well the Kindle Fire also sorts that out for you, getting all of your mail from all of your accounts and puts them into a single inbox, allowing you to easily navigate your email without the hassle of having to log into different account or accessing different websites.

12-Amazon Whisper sync

What is Amazon Whisper sync you ask? Well it’s a really cool gadget which will automatically sync your library, last page read, bookmarks,notes and highlights across your devices. The Kindle Fire has something extra up their sleeve though, the Whisper sync feature also extends to video, you can stream a movie to your Kindle Fire, then you can pick up where you left off on your TV. This can be extremely convenient, for example, if you are on the underground, you can watch a movie, and then when you get home you can continue watching it where you left off when you got off the train on your TV in your living room.

13-A Free Month of Amazon Prime with any Kindle Fire purchased

You get unlimited streaming of over 10,000 popular movies and TV shows and also get two day free shipping on millions of items for sale on Amazon. This is an extremely useful and valuable service, because you could save lots of cash depending on what you are interested in using the service for.

14-Read Your Documents

Finally, the Kindle Fire allows you to take your documents with you where ever you go. You can e-mail the documents to your Kindle Fire, including Word, PDF and more directly to your Kindle Fire, which will allow you to read them anytime, anywhere. This is a very useful tool as you now no longer need to carry paperwork around with you, so it makes business easy too!

15- Technical Details

Just in case you were wondering about the technical details about the Kindle Fire, I have prepared them for you to view below.

Technical Specifications of Amazon Kindle Fire

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