Google Will Improve Their Pixel C Tablet

El ´tablet´ de Google podría llegar por menos de 199 dólares | by skynetcusco

The Tablet 2-in-1 Google, Pixel-C, was recently released in France and specialized sites its use would be limited due to Android. Google teams promise changes.

The Pixel C is not a bad Tablet but it would seem that the OS that it embeds, Android, 6.0, poses a problem for the use of such a product. During a session of questions and answers on Reddit, Google developers announced that changes will happen, especially at the level of the display.

1-Pixel C: changes are already planned
While it is available since a few days on Google’s Store, the Tablet Pixel C has not received only good criticism on the part of the particular press. If the appliance is considered fairly good technically is its ergonomics that problematic.

This is actually the Android OS 6.0 that is not adapted to the use of this 2-in-1 tablet, a hybrid product that reminds a little surface from Microsoft. The display including would be not suitable, it is thus impossible to view two applications on the screen while the competition offers this feature. Developers are currently working on this point and a new display mode should be available soon. “We are working on a series of improvements for Android in this format, as the split, on which we have spent much time” reported.

Another problem is that Android apps are not optimized for as large screens. There also improvements should happen, Google pushing developers to adapt their applications.

2-The Pixel C will receive regular updates
The ‘Ok Google’ function, which allows to release its smartphone mode standby with the voice should be also available soon. In addition, the American giant announced that its hybrid tablet will receive regular updates, in order to further improve its product and catch up with Apple and Microsoft which appliances are most successful in this market growing.

The Pixel C is available in France at the price of 499 Dollars.

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