Harry Potter- The Library of Hogwarts is Available

It was a few months ago that there had been no info on Harry Potter. And now a new book arrives without warning: “The library of Hogwarts.”

J.K. Rowling never ceases to decline his universe of magic and sorcerers in all the sauces. After the announcement of the release of short stories a few months ago, it is the turn of a new edition to see the day for three books “spin-off”.

This book, entitled “Hogwarts Library”, will be published by Editions Gallimard in the paper format during the month of October. The release should coincide with the twenty-year-old Harry Potter book (and yes, already!).

Now, this edition is now available in digital format. But beware, these are old texts slightly reworked and corrected for a release:

  • Fantastic Animals, Norbert Dragonneau’s book dedicated to magical creatures,
  • Quidditch through the ages, a complete history of the game and its rules;
  • The Tales of Beedle the Bard.

No real novelty, but it is always good to take if we have not yet looked at his books that enrich the world of Harry Potter.

Here are the latest publications available around the Harry Potter universe. Check These References by clicking below:

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