A New Kindle Oasis Could Soon Be Announced By Amazon


Ah, the Kindle oasis! As of debate and interrogation at the time of the output of this an ereader or Kindle oasis update! Amazon could renew this material and output a new Oasis Kindle quickly enough…is the kindle oasis worth it

clearly, I had not been convinced by the map light. For me, the Kindle oasis is too expensive and its characteristics do not differ sufficiently from the other models (in particular the Kindle voyage) that the investment is worth the blow.

But, after rumors begin to multiply, Amazon could choose to renew the Kindle oasis.

Indeed, on (oasis reviews)This model is out of stock in many colors. It is usually a sign that the model is at the end of life.

kindle oasis

However, according to his habits, if Amazon does not renew the stock of one of these products is that a new version will soon see the light.

kindle oasis

However, the success of this reader is quite relative. Can we imagine that the reader simply comes out of the catalog and that it is not renewed for a new version?


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