kindle oasis Review 2017

The Kindle Oasis is back with a new, better studied and more complete formula!

Amazon has announced the future release of the new Kindle Oasis ebook reader, which has replaced the previous model of the same name. But this time, it’s not just a technical update, but a new reader.

An impressive 7-inch screen

The Kindle Oasis, in its 2017 version, is a reader with a touchscreen E Ink 7 inches (and no longer 6 inches like other ebook readers Kindle range).

This screen is a return to the machines with a larger diagonal for Amazon. The resolution is 1680 x 1264 pixels which are 300 PPP. It will be hard to find the better screen at the definition level.

The screen is obviously touched but it also has a lighting system.

Waterproof reading lamp and large storage capacity

The second good news is that the e-reader is now waterproof with IPX8 certification (tested to withstand immersion in fresh water up to 2 meters deep for 60 minutes).

It should also be noted that the reader has a base of 8 GB of storage memory. But, it is possible to opt for an option to store up to 32 GB on the reading light.

What can be done with such storage capacity? And listen to audiobooks!

This is the last big novelty of this Kindle Oasis 2017: it is possible to use it to listen to audiobooks via the Audible service (which belongs to Amazon). If you’re running out of space, Amazon gives you unlimited storage of your books in their cloud.

Physical buttons and asymmetrical design

The new Kindle Oasis retains its physical buttons that turn pages by holding the gadget with one hand.

The consequence is that its design is asymmetrical with the screen located on one side of the device and the buttons on the other.

I find that this style is not very aesthetic, even if it seems practical once it is in hand especially that it is enough to return it so that it works as well for the right-handedness as for left-handed people.

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Conclusion and price

I find that using a 7-inch screen is a nice and pleasant surprise. Since I have a 7-inch tablet, I think it’s the ideal format for reading: 6 inches is slightly narrow, while 8 inches seems too big.

However, we will probably lose in portability. Amazon has also added a seal certification for this Kindle Oasis. We can think that Kobo Aura H2O and Kobo Aura One have worried the American giant.

The competition is good because this new Oasis seems to be a much better reader than the previous generation that now appears as a rough draft!

If the e-reader is already available for pre-order, its official release in USA is scheduled for October 31, 2017.

The price, now, is the thing that annoys. With a basic model at £ 249.99 (8 GB + Wifi) and other more expensive versions (£ 279.99 for the Wifi version + 32 GB and £ 339.99 if we add the free 3G to 32 GB and Wifi), I think Amazon went a little hard.

That being said, this is for the first time a good alternative to Kobo’s high-end ereader, the Aura One.


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