HYSapientia 24L Air Fryer Oven review: a countertop oven with plenty of presets


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The HYSapientia 24L Air Fryer Oven offers a generous space and plenty of potential in which to cook a variety of foods. It combines a regular oven with air fryer functions, essentially doing away with the need for a toaster, oven and microwave – because not only does this appliance come with the cooking space of an over, it also offers 10 tweakable presets.

Fun fact: the HYSapientia brand name consists of “HY” and “Sapientia” – “HY” is pronounced “Hi”, and “Sapientia” means “Wisdom” in Latin. The founders created the brand on noticing that the traditional way of cooking took some time, resulting in energy waste, as well as unhealthy eating habits. 

This air fryer oven is stated to save up to 55% off the energy bill when compared to 3kW conventional ovens, and cook in 50% less time.

And I found this was certainly true when cooking frozen fries, which were cooked to perfection in 15 minutes instead of 22 minutes in a regular oven, while a rotisserie chicken was beautifully roasted in 45 minutes instead of 1 hour 20 minutes.

The presets the HYSapientia 24L Air Fryer Oven offers includes bread, bake, fish, dehydrate, chicken drumsticks, fries, defrost, steak, pizza and rotisserie. The timer can be adjusted per minute and the temperature from 41ºF/5ºC using a knob and the LED display screen.

For me, the inability to set the timer for less than 5 minutes proved a little limiting. I wasn't able to “quickly” reheat a slice of pizza, or finish cooking foods for an extra couple of minutes. The “ding” noise of the knob upon each turn was pretty annoying, and all the accessories accompanying the HYSapientia took up more space than I have available for my air frying setup.

At $149.99/£199.99, the oven is competitively priced – and for that money do you get plenty by way of options for cooking foods. With so many possibilities, the HYSapienta will certainly do away with the need for a number of other appliances on the countertop – but, to be fair, you may need to do that anyway because the HYSapientia 24L Air Fryer Oven does take up more space than other air fryers.

Keep scrolling to see how we got on using this air fryer and check out our best air fryer guide for alternatives.

HYSapientia 24L Air Fryer Oven review: price and availability

  • List price: $149.99/£199.99
  • Available in the US and UK, but not Australia

The HYSapientia 24L Air Fryer Oven is available to buy in the US and UK – although, at the time of writing, it was showing as out of stock in the US until July 2023. It isn't available in Australia.

You'll find it listed on Amazon US and  Amazon UK for a list price of  $149.99/£199.99.

The HYSapientia delivers plenty for that money, if you're not looking for bucket-loads of flexibility – especially compared to the Cuisinart TOA-60 Air Fryer Toaster Oven. The latter is comparatively smaller with a 17-liter capacity, but you can set the timer for 0-60 minutes and the temperature between 250-450ºF / 90-230ºC, something that isn't possible with the HYSapientia. The Cuisinart is more expensive at $229.95 / £250, although this could be money well spent if you want more variable temperatures and timings.

Price: 4/5

HYSapientia 24L Air Fryer Oven review: specifications

HYSapientia 24L Air Fryer Oven review: design

  • LED display
  • Buttons and stepless knob to control
  • Large capacity with 3 levels

The HYSapientia 24L Air Fryer Oven looks like a regular oven. It's made from stainless steel, and has a fold-down door with handle and neat control panel. The door offers double-layer insulation and a glass viewing window, which is really useful for keeping a check on cooking progress. 

There are two control buttons – one to set the temperature and the other to set the timer – plus a single knob for ramping up or tone down the controls. The temperature range is from 140F/60ºC to 446ºF/230ºC and the timer can be set from 5 – 60 minutes.

You'll also see a power button, start/ pause button and the option to turn the internal light on and off. There's also the option to switch between fan 1 and fan 2, meaning you can have just fan 1 running or both to boost air circulation. This is only possible on the Defrost preset.

The LED display panel shows 10 presets in total. This includes bread, bake, fish, dehydrate, chicken drumsticks, fries, defrost, steak, pizza and rotisserie.

HYSapientia air fryer oven display screen

(Image credit: Future / Jennifer Oksien)

The oven measures 14.5 x 16.14 x 15.9in / 37 x 41 x 40.5cm (h x w x d), which is pretty sizeable for an air fryer, but similar to a microwave. Air fryer ovens do tend to be larger than basket air fryers, so you'll need space for it on the countertop. In fact, you'll also require generous room for setting it up (more on this later).

HYSapientia air fryer oven internal light and shelves

(Image credit: Future / Jennifer Oksien)

Inside, there's 25.3 quarts/ 24 liters of cooking space, with three positions at which you can slot in the oven rack or baking tray. Depending on what's cooking, there's enough space to have the rack or tray in situ at the same time.

Other accessories that come with the HYSapientia 24L Air Fryer Oven include a crumb tray, rotisserie, oven gloves and a manual.

HYSapientia 24L Air Fryer Oven review: performance

Before first use, I washed the HYSapientia's fry basket, oven rack, baking pan and crumb tray with hot, soapy water and a non-abrasive sponge, as instructed.

There was some blue plastic around the edges of the crumb tray that took some time to remove, as did the sticker on the glass door, which pealed away in bits.

HYSapientia air fryer oven set up

(Image credit: Future / Jennifer Oksien)

There's no need to pre-heat the HYSapientia 24L Air Fryer Oven, and with 10 presets to choose from, cooking had the potential to be seamless.

I started with frozen fries in the air fryer basket. The “fries” preset cooks for 15 minutes at 356ºF/180ºC – and was perfect for making crispy fries, with a fluffy inside. Cooking in the HYSapientia air fryer was 7 minutes faster than it would have been in a regular oven. And I didn't use any oil, because shop-bought fries tend to include some already. 

HYSapientia air fryer oven fries

(Image credit: Future / Jennifer Oksien)

I also used this same pre-set to cook frozen battered fish. The cooking results were perfect – a crispy batter and tender flakey fish – but the clean-up afterwards proved troublesome. A large chunk of batter had become stuck to the air fryer basket – which, when scraped, became trapped in the wire mesh and took some effort to remove.

Next, I tried the “rotisserie” preset to cook chicken, at 356ºF/180ºC for 45 minutes. I prepared the chicken by filling the cavity with halved lemons, coating the outside with a combination of herbs and seasoning. I then inserted the rod through the cavity and used the prongs (the rotisserie set) to secure the rod to the chicken, before slotting it inside the air fryer.

As the chicken turned the lemons fell out, and part of the chicken singed on the heating element on each turn. At least the crumb tray successfully collected juice from the meat, making cleaning easier.

At 1.5kg in weight, the chicken was a little smaller than the roast jerk chicken recipe in the guide but I was still surprised that the cooked chicken was a little dry. The skin was nicely crisp, though, and importantly, it was cooked through.

HYSapientia air fryer oven rotisserie chicken

(Image credit: Future / Jennifer Oksien)

I also used the HYSapientia to make air fryer quiche for the Coronation, and it was a crowning glory, as well as a cheese and tomato toastie, making a few adjustments to a preset.

The quiche cooked for 17 minutes at a temperature of 320ºF/160ºC – and it was while making it that I struggled with the minimum cooking duration of 5 minutes. Once the original cooking time of 15 minutes had surpassed, I felt that the quiche filling could do with a couple more minutes. The minimum time duration meant that I had to set it for 5 minutes, but I then paused cooking after 2 minutes. The internal light and viewing window proved invaluable here, because I could check on cooking progress and prevent the quiche from burning.

air fryer coronation quiche on a plate next to air fryer

(Image credit: Future / Jennifer Oksien)

I made the cheese and tomato toastie by setting the time to 7 minutes and the temperature to 374ºF/190ºC – and the results were perfect. When I've made a toastie in a basket air fryer in the past, I've needed to turn it over after 7 minutes to “toast” the other side. However, since there's more room in an air fryer oven  for the air to circulate around the food, the HYSapientia delivered a quicker and more even cook.

HYSapientia air fryer oven toastie

(Image credit: Future / Jennifer Oksien)

Other foods that I've cooked in the air fryer oven are vegetables, which was much quicker than in a conventional oven, and I've reheated pizza, too; but this required  some monitoring because of the 5-minute minimum cooking time. Nevertheless, the results were delicious for both.

Tweaking the temperature and / or timer via the knob can become somewhat irritating as a result of the “ding” noise on each turn. Unfortunately, there's no way to turn this off. 

The temperature can be adjusted in 41ºF/5ºC increments, and the time minute-by-minute. With one minute of cooking time left, the internal light switches on automatically – a nice touch for determining whether food is close to being ready. And once the appliance has cooled down after a cook, it's advised that you clean the crumb tray plus any other accessories used to keep it in tip-top condition – and to avoid any cross contamination between foods.

In use, the HYSapientia 24L Air Fryer Oven was recorded 62dB of noise, which is equivalent to the level of a normal conversation. 

Should I buy the HYSapientia 24L Air Fryer Oven?

Buy it if…

Don't buy it if…

HYSapientia 24L Air Fryer Oven review: Also consider

If you prefer to have a basket air fryer, here are some other brands and models to consider…

How I tested the Swan Duo Digital Air Fryer

  • I used it as our main air fryer for 2 weeks
  • I used a variety of presets to cook frozen fries, make a toastie, rotisserie a chicken and reheat pizza

The HYSapientia 24L Air Fryer Oven has been used in my home for two weeks. It comes after we completed our review of the Swan Duo Digital Air Fryer, which is a dual-drawer basket air fryer. There were some differences, one of the most obvious being that the HYSapientia is more of a countertop oven, and the size of a microwave.

I worked my way through several of the 10 presets to cook frozen and fresh foods, plus reheat a homemade pizza. Aside from adjusting the presets, there was no other way to set the timer and temperature, especially when trying to reheat the pizza or to cook certain foods for a few more minutes because the minimum cooking time that could be set was five minutes.

I've been reviewing air fryers for (almost) one year for TechRadar, while my experience of reviewing other appliances and smart home devices surpasses a few years. As someone who likes to cook a variety of foods in an air fryer, and depends on such an appliance for dinner time, I have a good understanding of the features to look for when considering a purchase.

Read more about how we test

First reviewed May 2023

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