ReMarkable: a Reader That is Not Made For Reading

The ReMarkable reader is now available for those who have pre-ordered it. The wait, sometimes unbearable, is it up to the product?

The ReMarkable has now been sent to many early buyers. After a successful crowdfunding campaign ($ 17 million raised) and 36,000 machines manufactured, then placed on hold due to a bug, they have now been sent.

So it’s time to take stock of this machine.

Technical presentation

The ReMarkable is, therefore, a 10.3-inch screen and stylus reading concept that gives the set a tablet side.

The screen is of type E Ink Carta with a good resolution of 1872 × 1404 pixels, which gives us 226 PPI.

We also have 8 GB of storage under the hood and a 1GHZ Arm A8 processor coupled with a “small” 512 MB of RAM.

An interesting stylus for taking notes

All this technical aspect is complemented by a stylus that allows freehand note taking and precise interaction with the user interface of the ReMarkable reader.

If it is not the first machine of its kind to have a stylus (we think of the high-end ebook readers from Sony or Onyx), this is the first time that the pen is able to handle 2000 levels of pressure.

So we can make all kinds of diagrams, writing and in theory downright draw with this digital machine. The writing software is even able to manage up to 6 different layers, like a much more advanced software like Photoshop for example.

As the reader reads PDF files perfectly, you can also take notes and scribble on PDF documents. Then, just save them under a new name to keep the job. A feature that is still sorely lacking in the iPad for example.

Lamentable digital ereader    
Now, if we move to digital reading, things are less rosy. First of all, besides managing PDF files, only EPUB files are supported at the moment.

The reading application has been developed especially for this machine but it is incomplete in terms of text configuration options (very few fonts for example).

Then, it is not possible to turn the pages with the stylus or by pressing the screen with his finger. It is necessary to use the physical buttons on the ReMarkable.

Then, every 6 pages, you will have a complete refresh of the page that takes several seconds. So we are very far from the reading quality of other readers.

In short, you have understood, it is an interesting machine but not really made for reading. We still hope that the reading software will be greatly improved in the near future because here it is still missed!

Appendices: videos
I leave you with some videos found on the Internet that present this machine well:

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