The Color eReader: Why We Not Hear More About?

We have been talking for years about ebook readers that embark electronic ink screens with colors. But, since a few months, no more valid info filter about it … Let’s see why in this article!

The reading light is a bit of a dream for many readers. On one side we would have the comfort of electronic ink that does not tire eyes and the other color to read comics and magazines comfortably.

But it’s been years since models of eReaders come out without being able to convince the public…

The price problem
First, the color reading light models available to date have all been marketed at a very high price.

For the ECTACO jetBook Color 2, you have to pay almost 500 € to offer it. It’s not inaccessible but it’s 4 times the price of a Kindle Paperwhite.

For the same price, we have access to a new generation iPad that can read emails, watch videos, play video games, visit websites, etc.

That makes any lover of reading think … Especially that jetBook Color 2 is the most advanced color binder with its 9.7-inch screen.

By cons, imagine that its price is 189 € (the same as a high-end reading as the Kindle Travel). There, it would be very different and I think that success could be at the rendezvous for this kind of machine.

The colors are Disappointing

The other problem is that the colors are disappointing. It’s even worse if you compare the screen of an ebook reader color tablet or smartphone: it becomes really difficult to appreciate the faded colors of the ebook reader.

Obviously, over time the E Ink color screens improve, but it is very difficult to achieve a correct color rendering due to the technique used in these screens (see the article on the creation of the electronic ink ).

In most cases, the colors of the ebook readers appear bland or faded. This factor is inevitably disappointing if you want to read comics on the machine.

Amazon and Kobo Focus on The novel

The manufacturers who manufacture reading lights do not all want to put color in these machines.

Thus, one must turn to PocketBook or ECTACO to find color models in the catalog. These are two companies that sell equipment exclusively.

On the contrary, Amazon (and its Kindle) and Kobo are the two leaders in the global e-reader market. Both companies sell both binders and electronic books (ebooks).

In either case, their ambition is to focus primarily on the transition from paper to digital.

So, there is no need for a color screen to enjoy a novel! These two market players, therefore, have no interest in working and advancing developments in color on eReaders.

Only Amazon, which owns a company specializing in digital comics (ComiXology) could get things done.

But, it seems that he decided to design and put forward a range of inexpensive tablets: Fire whose first model is available at 59.99 $. An even lower price than the Kindle at 69 $

Color eReader: an Inaccessible Dream

For all these reasons, I think we are not ready to see the release of an affordable color reader that will upset things.

Most innovations come from improved black and white screens, touch and lighting.

This allows us to have even better and enjoyable reading lights each year. It’s already very good.



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