To conquer China, Amazon Associates With MIGU

For the first time, Amazon will add another bookstore to its Kindle Readers. Indeed, in China, Kindle will also be associated with the MiGu service that offers ebooks.

Little revolution for Amazon? In any case, it is a major strategy change that the company has operated to establish itself in China.

Amazon has just unveiled a new reader, the Kindle X MiGu which offers readers access to Kindle books (sold by Amazon) but also to those sold by MiGu, one of the biggest local players in digital reading..

This reader is actually a basic Kindle reader like the one found all over the world.

MiGU is the brand dedicated to the ebooks of China Mobile (a very large mobile operator), we suspect that it is not just a commercial partnership between two companies but also a collaboration with the government for Amazon is gaining a foothold in China.

In addition to access to the MiGu store, it will be possible to pay for books with its mobile phone subscription. A solution very popular in Asia where the bank card tends to be abandoned little by little.

It is, therefore, a change of strategy for Amazon since the company has decided to be “helped” to settle permanently in this very strong market.

Moreover, this creates a new opening – technical in any case – to the creation of a Kindle reader perfectly interoperable with another ebook solution (epub why not!).


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