kindle Ebooks:12 Good Reasons To Buy an Ebook Reader

You want to be convinced that you need an eBook reader to read in good conditions ? No problem, we quote here why you should think seriously about it the ereading.

1. It is lighter than books
With an ebook reader you can carry hundreds of books in a small unit of less than 200 grams. A real performance that will allow you to carry almost all your book collection or daily traveling in public transport.

2. books are cheaper:
if it is not always true, one can find many digital books (ebooks) cheaper than their equivalent in paper format. In addition, books in the public domain are also available free of charge for the ebook readers.
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3. This frees your shelves
Store 300 books on the rays of your shelves is much more complicated than storing 1200 books in an ebook reader. By releasing (or reducing ) your shelves of certain books, you can earn up or better highlight your most beautiful books.

4. read in all conditions
We sometimes get to read in difficult lighting conditions and the ereader, equipped with an illuminated screen is exactly the tool you need for this. Even in low light condition, an ebook reader with lighting will allow you to read in excellent conditions.
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5. The battery takes weeks
If you hesitate between a tablet and an ebook reader to read, be aware that the battery of a tablet will hold ten hours at best while an ebook reader can hold more than a month !

6. More books pestle ( and less paper )
Reading e-books you are helping to use less paper . For if an ereader is not completely an ecological product , it significantly reduces paper consumption made by large players.

7. Easy to use dictionary
Usually when you read a printed book , you must enter you in a dictionary to find the definition of a word you do not know.No need to do that with an ebook reader as you just select the word on the ebook reader to see its definition appear automatically.
It is even simpler with an ebook reader touch as a simple press on the Word will take you to the dictionary built into the device.

8. No need to move to buy books
Reading an ebook reader contain an integrated library. By staying quietly in your chair, you can buy in less than a minute (downloading time) the latest bestseller in vogue.No need to move away from home to buy books. It is both a saving of time and money (no car or bus to take).

9. read without feeling shame in the public transport
All readers have their little guilty pleasure. Whether it’s a collection Harlequin novel or a book that is not their age (I have more than thirty years and have devoured the Harry Potter)we all have our small readings we prefer to hide sometimes unknown ( or our friends). So, the reading light does not allow anyone to know what you read because no coverage is available for the book!

10. No distraction possible
Digital read agreed, but on a Tablet, a smartphone or a computer, the task is much more difficult because of the distractions of these devices. Facebook, Twitter notifications and emails will not bother you when you read on an ebook reader.

11. customize your view
for the text you can change the font and increase the size of the text if it sings to you. By adapting it to your view and for your preference, you will read more books.

12. Read excerpts of books from home
If you are curious, you may read excerpts available in electronic libraries included in your ebooks. No more flipping one by one the books in bookstores, you select, download, and read the extract in no time.if u like the book, you can buy it in one minute to read more. It’s really simple.

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