Cosori Pro III Dual Blaze: A smart air fryer with no shaking or pre-heating required


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If you're looking for an air fryer that offers good cooking capacity then the Cosori Pro III Dual Blaze could fit the bill nicely.

Launched in 2016, Cosori is part of the Vesync Co family of brands, which have received global recognition for their award-winning, innovative designs. While Corsori has millions of satisfied customers worldwide, the brand is most notable in the United States, being consistently rated the #1 best air fryer brand.

The Cosori Pro III Dual Blaze – also known as the Cosori Dual Blaze in the UK – features a fairly unique design that includes an upper and lower heating element to cook foods quickly and evenly. In addition, supported by Dual Blaze 360 Thermo IQ technology, it also means that this air fryer doesn't require the user to pre-heat the air fryer nor shake foods mid-cooking, thanks to the dual sensors and three-times thicker aluminium basket.

The air fryer offers 12 presets that are the same across the US and UK models, and comprise chicken, veggies, steak, fries, seafood, frozen, air fry, keep warm, bake, reheat, roast and broil. All of these presets can be tweaked to cook foods at higher or lower temperature and at different times.

On test, I found that the presets were already pretty accurate, with the air fryer delivering crispy potato waffles and fries with fluffy insides. The keep warm function was also handy, although I preferred this to have a slighter higher temperature than the preset 176Fº/80ºC.

The Corsori's 8.8-quart / 6.4-litre capacity was plenty big enough to cook four portions of fries and / or three potato waffles. However, it isn't quite roomy enough to cook two different food types at the same time since it's only a single drawer basket. 

An app offers a degree of control, but you'll need to be close by to press the start /pause button. And although connecting the air fryer to Alexa is an option via the app, it's incompatible with the Dual Blaze unless you have a 2.4G Wi-Fi network. 

Priced at $149.99/£179.99, this model is one of the more expensive air fryers in Cosori's range. However, it can regularly be found discounted on Amazon, so it would be worth keeping an eye out for deals before you buy.

Keep reading to see how we got on using the Cosori Pro III Dual Blaze in our home for a few weeks.

Cosori Pro III Dual Blaze review: price and availability

  • List price: $149.99/£179.99
  • Available in the US and UK

The Cosori Pro III Dual Blaze, or Cosori Dual Blaze as it's known in the UK, is available to buy for $149.99/£179.99 from Amazon US or Amazon UK.

It's one of the most expensive air fryers in Cosori's range, but it's regularly discounted on Amazon, so keep a look out for deals – especially when there are upcoming sales events.

To get the most from your Cosori air fryer, you may benefit from some air fryer accessories and  air fryer liners.

Value: 4/5

Cosori Pro III Dual Blaze review: specifications

The specifications are identical between the US and UK models.

Cosori Pro III Dual Blaze review: Design

  • 12 cooking functions
  • Double heating elements
  • Only available in dark gray

The Cosori Pro III Dual Blaze is an average-sized air fryer. It measures 75.4 x 83 x 89in / 29.7 x 32.7 x 35.2cm, taking up less space than a microwave but more space than your toaster.

It features 12 preset cooking functions, which can be tweaked depending on your cooking requirements. There's a dedicated touch button for each function, plus additional touch buttons to adjust the default time and temperature as well as a start/stop button and power button. The 12 functions are the same for both US and UK models, and comprise chicken, veggies, steak, fries, seafood, frozen, air fry, keep warm, bake, reheat, roast and broil.

display panel on the cosori dualblaze air fryer

(Image credit: Future / Jennifer Oksien)

The maximum temperature of all but the keep warm functions is 392ºF/200ºC. The top temperature of the keep warm function is 194ºF/90ºC (preset at 176Fº/80ºC) which, I assume, is to prevent food from over cooking.

The square air fryer basket offers a decent 6.4l capacity, which is large enough to accommodate quantities for up to 4-6 people. Once you've finished cooking, the non-stick basket can be popped into the dishwasher for cleaning.

It's one of the first air fryers I've seen to feature upper and lower heating elements. The idea behind this is to do away with the need to pre-heat or shake foods during the cooking process since the heat is more evenly distributed. This is supported by Dual Blaze 360 Thermo IQ technology, which reduces cooking times so that they're 10% quicker than they would be in a standard air fryer. 

Overall, even hot air circulation that avoids any drying out or burning allows food to be tender on the inside and crispy on the outside.

cosori dual blaze air fryer with dual heating element

(Image credit: Future / Jennifer Oksien)

While Cosori offers other models of its air fryers – such as the Cosori Lite 4.0-Quart Smart Air Fryer – in both light peach and gray colors, this model is only available in gray .

Design: 5/5

Cosori Pro III Dual Blaze review: Performance

  • Fairly accurate presets
  • Evenly cooked foods
  • Easy to keep clean

I've been using the Cosori Pro III Dual Blaze to cook a variety of foods. I've mainly used it to cook our dinners, but it's also been summoned to reheat foods and to keep them warm.

The preset I used most was air fry – the Dual Blaze is an air fryer, after all – which has a temperature setting of 356ºF/180ºC and a time set for 10 minutes. I also used the frozen preset for cooking frozen fries, which was set at 392ºF/200ºC for 12 minutes.

Throughout the cooking process, I checked food to see progress. There's no viewing window here, but the Dual Blaze pauses the pre-set when the drawer is opened. Other safety features include thermal insulation for anti-scalding and a safety button to prevent the outer basket from falling out.

I started by cooking a frozen potato waffle using the air fry setting. It took a few minutes longer to cook than it would have using our toaster, but using the air fryer meant that I could set the waffle to cook and get on with other things rather than having to repeatedly check it in the toaster to get an even cook.

The resulting waffle was appealingly golden on the outside and cooked evenly through.

potato waffles in the cosori dual blaze

(Image credit: Future / Jennifer Oksien)

Next on the list of foods to try out was a hash brown. I'd usually cook these in the convection oven for 20-25 minutes at 428ºF/220ºC. In the air fryer, however, they cooked in half the time, producing results that were crispy on the outside and soft in the middle.

hash browns in the cosori dual blaze

(Image credit: Future / Jennifer Oksien)

Frozen fries usually take 15-20 minutes in a regular oven at 428ºF/220ºC in the convection oven, so I was interested to see how the Cosori air fryer would compare.

On opening the drawer at the end of the cooking time, the air fryer delivered beautifully brown, crispy fries with fluffy insides. There was no need to shake the basket at any point and I didn't pre-heat the air fryer, either. In addition, there were no issues with the fries sticking to the pan as they would on a baking tray in the oven, which made cleaning up after dinner a lot easier.

frozen fries in the dualblaze air fryer

(Image credit: Future / Jennifer Oksien)

I also tried frozen fries on the pre-set “air fryer” setting. Here, the resulting fries were less golden and crispy, but still cooked through. I also used the “air fryer” pre-set to cook a selection of vegetables, which produced a slightly charred outer and a cooked yet crunchy inside.

At those times we were still completing chores before we sat down for dinner, I switched on the Cosori air fryer's “keep warm” setting. Its max temperature is 194ºF/90ºC (preset at 176Fº/80ºC), but I could set the timer for up to 60 minutes, if I so wished. 

The air fryer basket is dishwasher safe, but I preferred to wash it by hand to protect the non-stick coating. Note, too, that the dark gray color of this air fryer did have a tendency to attract dust and finger prints, so I kept it clean by wiping over with a damp dishcloth.

In terms of noise, the air fryer measured in at 60dB. This is equivalent to the noise experienced on a quiet street. As such, although you can hear that it's on, it emits more of a hum rather than anything too annoying.

Performance: 5/5

Cosori Pro III Dual Blaze review: app

  • Offers some degree of remote control
  • Access to hundreds of recipes
  • Not compatible with Amazon Alexa

In addition to controlling the Cosori Pro III Dual Blaze by the display panel, users can also download the free VeSync app to remotely control the air fryer and monitor cooking progress.

The app features over 100 tasty-looking recipes, with ingredients, method and settings required on the air fryer all outlined. It is possible to select a recipe and the temperature and time remotely on the app, but you'll need to remain close by to press the start/pause button to activate it. 

cosori vsync app

(Image credit: Future / Jennifer Oksien)

While the option to hook it up with Amazon Alexa for voice control features in the app, the Dual Blaze is incompatible with the voice assistant.

App: 3.5/5

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How I tested

  • I’ve been used the Cosori Pro III Dual Blaze for two weeks
  • I used the presets, and tweaked them, to cook fresh and frozen foods
  • It has made meal times quicker and easier

The Cosori Pro III Dual Blaze is the most recent air fryer I've been reviewing, and I've used it for a couple of weeks to cook a range of foods.

I have used a number of the presets without tweaking them. The “frozen”, “air fryer”, “veggies” and “keep warm” functions all worked perfectly well to cook fresh and / or frozen foods. After cooking, the dishwasher-safe air fryer basket and tray meant cleanup was simple and quick.

I've been reviewing air fryers for (almost) one year for TechRadar, while my experience of reviewing other appliances and smart home devices surpasses a few years. As someone who likes to cook a variety of foods in an air fryer, and depends on such an appliance for meal times, I have a good understanding of the features to look for when considering a purchase.

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First reviewed June 2023

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Title: Cosori Pro III Dual Blaze: A smart air fryer with no shaking or pre-heating required
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