The Ebook Reader: Cybook Muse Light Of Bookeen

Bookeen goes on the offensive! The French brand has just announced new readers that will be available very quickly. We start with the seductive Cybook Muse Light.

The ebook reader Cybook Muse Light is an economical ereader. This is the most important: its price is 89 £ and the reader proposes an E Ink Carta screen of 800 x 600 pixels for a diagonal of 6 inches.

But, you will also have a lighting! At less than 90 € for this reader, equipped with Wifi and 4GB of storage, it is really very interesting

The ebook reader Cybook Muse Light also offers a touch screen but also two physical buttons. So we find the spirit of the Odyssey Frontlight HD that I liked so much.

You will have a port for microSD memory cards if the storage 4GB seems too weak …

The ereader will be accompanied at the time of its release (around October 20, 2016, on their site) a selection of 20 ebooks from partner publishers.

So for 89 £, you will have a touchscreen with lighting and 20 Books ..! It seems to me that this Cybook Muse Light is a very good deal. We finally confirmed that Bookeen was working on a low-cost ereader.

Despite a Carta screen that does not display as many pixels as is currently possible, this Cybook Muse Light offers very interesting features. At only 20 € of the cheapest reader of the market (Kindle), Bookeen proposes, in addition, a machine with a lighting.

Knowing that more and more readers are using their reading lamps with lighting, this Cybook Muse Light will undoubtedly be a reasonable choice to make a beautiful Christmas gift ..!


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