Yes Ebook Publishers Block The EBook Development

I just read an article on the site in which one returns to the “deamour” of the French for the ebook. Some reasons are mentioned.

First, the article uses the official but partial figures of the use of ebooks made in France. Here you can read an article that explains why e-books are probably more read than you think.

The article in question(French source) recalls that ebooks accounted for only 3.5% of digital sales in 2016 and in France. However, it is one of only unique sectors of the book economy that is growing in France.

What is interesting is when we talk about the politics of publishers whom themselves come to sabotage the sales of books in digital format by practising prices too high.

As always, by wanting to save their model, publishers develop a parallel book economy based on self-publishing and small prices (0.99 $ for a self-published digital book is a price that is often found) see , And it is dramatic, on the piracy of books pure and simple

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