3 Things About The Digital Book That Apple Did Not Anticipate

Apple seems to fulfill the new products with a frantic pace but still neglects the readers.

For, yes, at the last Apple conference that took place yesterday at 7 pm, Apple introduced several new iPhone, a new watch, a new Apple TV, but book and reading have never been mentioned.

While Apple is a brand focused on education, one can only be surprised by this choice. Especially considering the sales of important ebooks realized by the brand in the USA.

Apple, therefore, sold 62 million digital books in the year 2016, which proves to be an excellent figure!

Nevertheless, I found 3 things that Apple does not see coming about the digital book, and that could cause it to lose its advantageous position in the digital book market.

1. No News About Ebooks

It may be because it is a success that the concept does not evolve in the apple. But, Apple would have everything to gain by finding an arrangement with publishers to launch a monthly subscription.

If the Californian company does not want to do it for novels or fiction, its privileged position could nevertheless allow it to offer an unlimited reading solution of educational textbooks (for schools or universities, students, teachers).

I think this would be a strong sign sent by Apple in the direction of competition. This would at least make it possible to define more clearly which market is targeted by the apple.

Because, it seems to me that Apple owes its success only thanks to the strong integration of the iBooks application in the iPhone, iPad and Mac devices.

Because, for years, Apple almost no longer communicates about the possibility of reading on its products.

2. No Technical Innovation

With the introduction of the Sony DPT-RP1 wide-format reading light, which allows note-taking by the stylus directly on PDF documents, a step has been taken in the professional world.

It seems to me that this is not necessarily technically difficult to implement.

However, despite the presence of an iPad Pro in their product catalog, I remain surprised that this is not possible at Apple.

Yet annotating documents, digital books and other things with an iPad would be a very interesting use in my opinion.

If we combine this with the many communication solutions (screen sharing, iMessage, etc.), this could be one of the great strengths of this product.

3. What About The Audio Books?

We have seen that audiobooks are in full progression throughout the world, but especially in the USA.

By the way, Kobo started the race with the sale of audiobooks and an unlimited subscription.

So it is surprising to still not find a competing offer at Apple, while they are the second seller of ebooks in the USA …



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