The New Kindle E Reader

The New Kindle e Reader

Amazon is evolving its basic touch e reader with a new model that should soon be on sale. Small round novelties.  The Kindle e reader is the entry-level Amazon reading machines (excluding the Fire tablet even cheaper).

Amazon has every interest to care for its product since it attracts every day many people towards digital reading.

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Here are the novelties of this new Kindle e reader:

  • Integration of Bluetooth in addition to Wifi: this will allow the use of the system of reading 
  • No more memory: the device’s memory goes up to 512 MB compared to 256 MB for the old
  • model. Theoretically, this reader should be faster and more reactive than the old model.
  • Availability in two colors: black and white.
  • Improved note-taking: you can modify and export notes to a computer to simplify processing
  • New user interface
  • Lighter and lighter than the previous version

liseuse kindle blanc 2016

This is a small update that does not revolutionise digital reading. But, one feels that Amazon treats the lovers of eBooks since one is entitled every year to some small improvement.


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