IBooks For Mac: IT Was Time!

After several years of availability on iOS (iPhone and iPad), the application from Apple that allows you to read the book’s email will be available soon on the Mac.

Apple will, therefore, make available iBooks in the new version of its Mac OS X system: Mavericks. This version should be available in the fall and make a number of improvements (speed, integration of new software, etc.).

Frankly, I have never understood why iBooks was not available on the Mac. It was all the more surprising that the software iBooks Author exists since not bad time (it allows you to create books for iBooks precisely – see here).

If I understood well, it will be mandatory to buy the latest version of Mac OS for benefit of the software iBooks. Those who already want to be able to read digital books on their Mac can turn to the Software Calibre, available for a very long time, and be supporting very many formats of files….



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